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Our Group

A Successful Group

Founded in Milan in 2009, Gens Aurea S.p.A. is the leading company in the purchase and sale of jewelry and precious items. It’s also a professional operator in the gold business, operating in the pledge credit through the subsidiary Aurea Prestiti S.p.A., licensed by the Bank of Italy.

Through its 9 international brands (OROCASH, LUXURYZONE, GIOIAPURA, ALFIERI & ST. JOHN, OROCAJA, SUPER EFECTIVO, PEGNO SICURO, ORO CAIXA, AUREA INVEST), Gens Aurea S.p.A. Group is on the market since 1999 and it is the most important stakeholder in the gold and jewels business.

Thanks to a solid and widespread activity, today Gens Aurea S.p.A. operates throughout Italy and Europe aiming to offer a safe, distinctive and quality service.

A winning strategy

The Group is structured as an ecosystem to serve all market segments, through a unique and fully integrated circular business pattern, resulting from the synergy of its 8 associated brands.

The brands belonging to Gens Aurea Group S.p.A. interact strategically creating and developing operational and commercial connections increasingly efficient in order to meet the several requests regarding the world of gold and jewels.

The activities of the Group

Gens Aurea S.p.A. operates with branched and complementary activities through 4 main channels:

Cash for gold

Buying and selling of gold and valuable items through the brands OroCash, OroCaja, Super Efectivo, OuroCaixa


Retail channel branded Luxury Zone and jewelry production branded OroCash, OroCaja, Super Efectivo, OuroCaixa

Investment gold

Buying and selling of coins and ingots through the brand Aurea Invest

Pledge credit

Pegno Sicuro is a trademark of Aurea Prestiti S.p.A., a company authorized by the Bank of Italy that operates in the business of credit on pledge


Through the Cash for Gold channel, the Group pursues an important sustainability policy, collecting over 4 tons of precious materials per year, to be allocated (depending on the characteristics of the jewels purchased) to foundries, private customers and professional operators.

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